Clients References

Dear Mrs Tatiana, Mr Lazlo, Larissas and Olymp Travel Gold Team.
Hello from Brazil. We really didn’t have enough time to express our Congratulations for your special attention with our Group from Brazil.
We are still receiving congratulations from all our clients. Its incredible, but no complains with almost 180 passengers. Its really very very difficult.
In name of our Company Dnipro Gold, we would like again to say thank you very much for this special support.
We know that Tourism in Ukraine is not that easy, but the Country is really very beautiful and in the near future it will be one of the most important destination in Europe.
Congratulations for Larissa Sviridova, that works very hard and with “love” in what she does. She loves her job, her country, and she knows what to do.
Its really important for us to have pool partners like you. It’s a large amount of money and a very big responsibility.
EVERYTHING was perfect. We know that in a group like this, something could be not so good but with this group everything was perfect. Some small problems (with drivers)
but nothing that could take out the success of this tour.You cannot imagine how many people in Brazil are calling us to have information about Ukraine.
Our Governor went to Poland, Italy and France and they do not stop talking about Ukraine, specially about our welcome dinner.
We were sorry that Mrs Tatiana couldn’t wait until the end, due it was a very nice party.
And we didn’t have time to say thanks to Mrs Tatiana before leaving to Russia. But please, accept our best congratulations for this fantastic team that is Olymp Travel.
Edson and I are planning a new tour for next year, and we will promote more our Ukraine as a very nice destination in Europe. Next month we will have the
ABAV TOURIST FAIR in Rio and we will be there,
planning our stand for 2012 with Ukraine as a magical destination.
Next month we will receive the visit of the President of Ukraine and we will be here with him and we will talk about our visit, for sure.
Well, we have no more words, but we ask our excuses for taking so long time to write for you, but me and Edson are just now returning to real life.
Thank you and we hope that you will keep trusting in our cooperation and lets work.
Best Regards
Sergio J. Maciura – Edson L. Wistuba
Dnipró Gold Tour Operator

Since we got back it has been very busy. Lots of people want to talk to us about this trip, and see photographs. Local and Jewish newspapers want us to write articles and, of course, when you have been away for a week you need to straighten your life out. The group, as you know, thought you were a magnificent guide. Professional, knowledgeable, competent, efficient and a great sense of humour. As for me, I thought you were all those things and so much more. Becuse I have been working on this with you for weeks, because i have relied on your judgment on so many points (and you were always right!) I have a special insight into how wonderful you are. All I can do is thank you: very, very, much. For most of the group the trip was inspirational. Particularly for Irene Powell (who was born in Lviv) and Joe Berger (whose parents came form Brody). They both say how they got so much more out of it than they could ever have hoped for, or expected. The English contingent, most of whom I see regularly, do not stop talking about their experience. They all want to go back, tomorrow. So Gill and I have been thinking about the next trip. We are thinking of a week at the end of May or early June 2005. When you have the time, please let me know what you think.
Jeremy Freedman

I have not heard from you at all regarding the tour we arranged through Olymp in June 2004. From my passengers, they were all very very happy with the arrangements, except for the factory that was closed on Saturday. All the hotels were very comfortable, the transportation was exceptional, the food was excellent and the guides were very knowledgable and very pleasant.
Dorothy Seatter

We were very happy and satisfied with both tours we took with olymp travel. (2000 and 2002) ths bus drivers were very hospitable, friendly and helpful and made sure we were comfortable. also very careful and responsible. as for the main tour guides: irena and natalya, we were so surprised at the information and knowledge they knew of ukr.. it was very helpful to us on tour as we were all very surprised at all ukraine had to offer us. as for mr.vladimir nerodenko, we hope we have such good care and understanding we received, the next time if we come... i will try and create another poem/story just for him..and party...he is probably thinking what will those canadians do this time especially if that woman comes again... the very happiest new year to all... part of my heart was left in ukraine the best and may we meet again
Valerie Desrosiers

Thanks to your help we arrived home on July 10th with no other problem. We did appreciate your help and friendship. Vladimir you where one of the most helpful persons we have ever had the opportunity to meet. You spent all morning contacting travel in Moscow and St. Petersburg and making arrangements for taxi service when we arrived. You also set up a day rest room at one of the hotels and personally delivered our train tickets and arranged for taxi to train station. Your a fine example of providing service to tourists. It would be hard to find this type of help in America or Western Europe. We thank you again. Please pass this message on to your manager and others who helped.
Roger and Shirley Branning

A quick mail just to let you know that we had a great vacation in Kiev and on Crimea. Hotels and transportation all worked out very well. The driver taking care of our transportation in Kiev was very helpful and nice. I will certainly tell anybody who is planning on going to Ukraine to book their travels though Olymp Travel.
Malene Hein

Thanks so much for the tour you arranged for us this summer. It was fantastic! Of all the tour companies we contacted, we obviously chose the right one! Everything ran very smoothly and was very interesting! Also, your choice of Alex as our driver was perfect. He was patient, informative, helpful and very proffesional. In fact if it wasn't for him we surely would not have experianced the highlights of our trip! The first instance revolved around Alex helping us in Husiatyn. With his help we were able to talk to some of the locals and learn a bit about Jill's background. Next was when Alex got us into the park at Hoverla mtn. The weather was bad and the peak was clouded in when we got to the park entrance. This was not a big deal to us as we live in the mountains of Canada and we are both climbers. However the park entrance people were not going to let us in at all. They were being real difficult! But Alex wouldn't accept this and after about 20 minutes of him arguing on our behalf they finally let us in. We had a great hike up to the top and the weather even cleared and we got fantastic views! Having travelled alot and knowing some travel agents, like yourself, we thought some feedback might be helpful to you in the future: yes, you told us, the hotel in Vinnytsy was a dump; the hotel in Kamianets-Podilsky and the home in Yaremche were fantastic and the owners very friendly and enjoyable to talk to (thanks Alex!); Hotel Eney in Lviv was exceptional, with great food!; the Grand Tour car was real fun. Thanks again for all your prompt and proffesional service. We would highly recommend your services to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jill and Dennis Newsome

Thank you for having organized with success our stay in Ukraine and for the help you gave me with your "team". Youri was "the right person to the right place". The members of the delegation have appreciated his talents all along the trip. We also thank Oxana, Vassyl and Valentina. Valentina is a very serious person with a great knowledge and a sense of humour.

The French Ambassador's wife found the "bouquet" of flowers beautiful!

Best regards.
Genevieve Tinturier