Fullday excursions out of Kiev


Chernihiv This regional centre on the Right Bank of the Desna RiverThis regional centre on the Right Bank of the Desna River (appr.160 km from Kyiv) is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Population: 300,000. The city tour of Chernigov includes the visit of the Chernigov State Architectural and Cultural Reserve: Dytynets (Fortress, early 12th c.), Transfiguration of our Lord the Saviour Cathedral dating back to 11th c., Borys and Hlib Cathedral dating back to 12th c., Pyatnynska Church of 12th - 13th c.c., St.Katherine Church of 17th c., Chernigov collegium (1700). One can also visit the Holy Trinity Illinsky Monastery (11-18 c.c.) with Antonius caves, Eletsko-Assumption monastery (11th-17th cc), estate of famous Ukrainian writer Mikhailo Kotsubinsky.











Uman (210 km from Kyiv) is a small old town (dating back to 1609) on the Umanka river. The town is famous for its LANDSCAPE PARK "SOFYIVKA".Uman (210 km from Kyiv) is a small old town (dating back to 1609) on the Umanka river. The town is famous for its LANDSCAPE PARK "SOFYIVKA".

The park was laid out in 1791 by Count S.Pototski, the landlord of numerous estates in Ukraine and named in honour of his wife Sofiya.

It was constructed under the design of talented Belgian military engineer L.Metzel, by thousands of local serfs, who managed to create one of the most unique parks in Europe. The wonderful landscapes, numerous sprinkling fountains, artificial grottoes, exquisite antique sculptures and pavilions fascinate the visitors. The constructors created a sophisticated hydraulic system supplying water to the Upper and Lower park ponds, all its sites and areas. The people of all times admired by the park which equalled in many respects the ancient parks of Florence, Potsdam, and Versailles.
Of special interest in Uman is a Tomb of Chassidic Zaddick (a teacher and insperational leader) Nahman from Bratslav.


Kaniv. The Taras Shevchenko National Reserve

Kaniv. The Taras Shevchenko National ReserveThe Reserve was set up in 1923 on the Tarasova (Chernecha) Hill - the place where the Ukrainian poet and artist, democrat and philosopher Taras Shevchenko was buried. Since the funeral day (May 22, 1861) it started to be a pilgrimage place for all-progressive intelligentsia and common people. Later a monument in the form of a cross was erected and a small guardian house was constructed on the site. The monument to Taras Shevchenko was erected on the Tarasova Hill in 1939. The museum depositories amount to more than 17,000 exhibits including Taras Shevchenko's personal things, artworks and manuscripts.


Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky. The State Historical And Architectural Reserve.

The State Historical And Architectural ReserveThis small Ukrainian town can be called a museum itself. More than twenty museums are open to the public including the museum of Folk Life and Architecture; the Hrygoryi Skovoroda (an Ukrainian poet and philosopher) Memorial Museum - he worked here as a professor of the local college in the mid -18thc.; the Sholom Aleichem (a Jewish writer) Museum.

A remarkable collection of folk instruments is represented in the museum of the Kobzar ("bard") art. An interesting display represents the Museum of Bread. Other historical and cultural monuments of the complex: Mykhailivsky (St.Michael) Monastery (17th c.), Voznesensky (Ascension) Monastery (18th c.).








ChornobylWhile staying in Kyiv the tourists can visit the place of the catastrophe of the Chernobyl atomic power station (26 .04. 1986) - the catastrophe that greatly affected the ecology not of the Ukraine only. During this whole-day trip the visitors can see the "dead" town of Prypiat, the zone of Estrangement, the "red" forest, to drive along the villages with the resettlers. The visit is organised with all necessary measures of radiological safety. Since 1989 about 30 000 foreigners have visited this place.