City tour of Chernovtsi

City tour of ChernivtsiThe city was founded in the 12th c. as a fortress to protect the Galytske-Volyn principality from the nomadic tribes. It has a very rich history closely connected with the history of neighbouring Rumania and Moldavia . To-day it is an administrative, cultural and economic centre of Northern Bukovyna - the land of the beech woods picturesquely covering the Carpathian mountains. The population of the city is over 260,000.

While touring the city you will be impressed by the harmoniously combined old and modern architecture. The tourists visit the former residence of the Bukovynian and Dolmatsian Bishops (1864-82, built by the Czech architect Y.Hlavka). It consists of three separate buildings, all the architectural details are characterised by perfection of form and structural harmony. During World War II the fire destroyed the right wing; Marble, Red and Blue halls suffered damages. The residence has been restored and to-day it houses the Yuriy Fedkovych University).

One of the highlights of the city is Olga Kobylyanska Theatre of Music and Drama (1904-1905, built by the Viennese architects F.Felner and H.Helmer).The facade is embellished with sculptural compositions based on ancient Greek mythology. Side niches contain the marble busts of famous Ukrainian and world culture representetives).

Rather interesting are the buildings of the Philharmonic Concert Hall (1876) where Enrico Caruso (Italy) and Solomiya Krushelnytska (Ukraine) once sang, and the Armenian Church (1869-1975, architect Y.Hlavka). Since 1922 the church with its excellent acoustic hall has been used for concerts of classical and chamber music. Places of interest are: the Holy Spirit Cathedral (built in 1844 after Roel), Assumption Church (19th c.), Central Square, Town Hall (1843-47), Palace of Justice (1904-06), Victory Monument, monument to Olga Kobylianska (an Ukrainian novelist).

Museums worth to visit:

  • Literary-Memorial museum of O.Kobylianska (1863-1942) - the famous Ukrainian writer, author of the world known novel "The Land".
  • Literary-Memorial museum of Y.Fedkovych (1832-1888) - the Bucovynian writer-enlightener.
  • Museum of Local Lore - unique collection of Easter eggs ("pysankas") and national costumes.
  • Museum of Arts represents a rich collection of local artists (19th-20th c.c.) as well as an exhibition of the modern artists. Some halls are devoted to the original applied arts of Bucovyna.
  • Bucovyna Diaspora museum - the only one of such kind in Ukraine. Here one can get acquainted with the history of all waves of emigration from this land, with the life and activities of the Bucovynians by origin and their descendants who live now abroad, their ties with the Historic Motherland.
  • Heritage village museum - one can get acquainted with local ethnography, mode of life, original village architecture of Bucovyna.
"Sholom, Chernovtsi!" - Special tour

"Sholom, Chernivtsi!" - Special tourThe tour includes: visits to the Jewish sector of the city (former ghetto), Paul Tselan and Joseph Schmidt memorial places, Jewish cultural society, synagogue. A visit to the local archives can be arranged.

Full day trip to the Carpathian mountains

Full day trip to the Carpathian mountainsThis trip to the centre of Bucovynian Carpathians up to Nimchich Pass (distance is 80 km) will acquaint tourists with local customs and traditions, with nature and climate of this land. The tour includes visit to the unique home-museum of Ukrainian embroidery in the village of Vashkivtsi (museum of G.Garas), that represents a rich collection (about 2000 patterns) of ornamented work, then a well known school and museum of applied arts in Vyzhnytsia. The tourists will admire its woodcarving displays, weaving, embroidery and metal inlaid work. Nimchich Pass hiking - what a place! It is real pleasure to go round picking up flowers, mushrooms and berries in the forest. Lunch at national Hutsul restaurant "Kolyba" ("hut") or "Hirska kazka" ("mountain fairytale ") will cheer you up!

Full day trip to Kolomyia

Full day trip to KolomyiaTrip to Kolomyia (90 km) includes visit to the museum of Hutsul applied arts - model of Hutsulshchyna in miniature. During the tour you can visit a festive bazaar (market) in Kosiv and buy souvenirs - perfect examples of hand-made work, real masterpieces of folk arts (woodcarving, embroidery, tapestry and rugs by local artisans). You will get a very special experience of a fair-market stroll.

Full day trip to Besarabia and Podillia

While staying in Chernovtsi the tourists can visit two towns that can be called the city-fortresses - Khotyn and Kamianets-Podilskyi.

The medieval Khotyn fortress (52 km) is situated on the right bank of the Dnister river and its high walls witnessed during the 12th-16th c.c. the attacks of Moldavians and Poles, Russians and Turks, Ukrainian Cossacks and different mercenaries.

Khotynska fortress

Full day trip to Besarabia and PodilliaOn the right bank of the Dniester, not far from a small town of Khotyn, which recently celebrated its 1000th anniversary, there towers the legendary Khotynska fortress. This stronghold has walls that are about 50 meters high and about six meters thick. However, the fortress's formidability, which was preserved till this time could not save it from the bloody battles which it witnessed. Khotyn's moment of glory was during the military campaign of 1621 when a 100-thousand Turkish army soldiers met the united troops of Poland and Ukrainian Cossacks near the walls of the fortress. According to the historians for eight days in a row, the Polish and the Ukrainians were united in celebrating their victory, which prevented Western Europe from enslavement. And now Khotyn is the best place to enjoy serenity and harmony. From a high rampart you can look at the green bank vaults of the blue Dniester, feel a fresh breeze or go down the narrow stone stair-steps to the gigantic basements where time stands still. You can enjoy having rest near a murmur of a spring that has witnessed the history of Khotyn straight from the horse's mouth.

Kamianets – Podilskyi

Kamianets – PodilskyiKamianets-Podilskiy was founded more than 9 centuries ago. Many historical and architectural monuments have been preserved in this town-museum. Since 1997 this town is under the patronage of UNESCO. Tourists will really enjoy the stroll along the Armenian and Polish blocks of the streets and the beautiful panorama of the fortress will bring them back to the medieval times. Lunch in the national-style restaurant will add some charm.