KhersonThis regional centre, river and sea port is located on the Dnipro River, 25 km from the river estuary. Population: 360,000. 

It was founded in 1778 as a fortress-city with shipbuilding yard for creating the Black Sea Fleet and named in honour of Chersonesus Tauric - an ancient city in the Crimea. In the early 20th century it became an important grain export port.

Places of interest are: the Arsenal, the Greek-Sophia Church, the Kherson Fortress, the Saint Catherine Cathedral (18th c.).

Of special interest is the visit to the Ascania Nova Wild Life Reserve (2 hours from Kherson). This unique Hortus Botanicus, ornithological park and Cross-Breeding Centre where created on the only remained in Europe uncultivated virgin step massive. In this vast dendropark (about 200 ha) various rare plants and animals from Africa, Australia and South America are adapted.

Visiting the Kherson Region tourists can enjoy: the exotic landscapes of the Dnipro banks, reed-covered flats, boat-trips along the river, fishing and hunting and for sure - unforgettable tasting of famous local cognacs, red and white wines.

The Kherson Local Lore Museum

The Kherson Local Lore MuseumThe museum is one of the oldest in the South of Ukraine. Quite representative is the Nature department with the collection of birds, animals, fishes, insects, aquaterrariums, picturesque dioramas illustrating the world of nature. The Historical department with its rich archaeological collection merits special attention.

The O.Suvorov Hall, diorama "Kinsburska Battle", attracts the visitors.

Address: 9, Lenin St.